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Sacred Butterflies (large size 6") Cosmic Circle

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Sacred Butterflies 4 (large size 6") Cosmic Circles

4 Butterfly designs: clockwise from upper left: Monarch Solar, Spiral Butterfly, Rainbow Wings, Butterfly Flower of Life

Original hand created designs by Kara Rane ©️

Eco~friendly printing by Greenerprinter, Berkeley Ca.

The Cosmic Circles are Infinitely Re~Usable. There is no adhesive on the back. Instead they use surface energy to "cling" on windows, glass, mirrors,, any non-porous surface. 

Easy to Use, Remove and Re-Use.

Large size Cosmic Circle : 6" x 6" Image size is 5.75 " x 5.75"        

Shipped flat in a 100% recycled biodegradable envelope.

Thank Y♡U kindly ~ Kara Rane ©

*sale of Art products does not transfer copyright*