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Environmentally Responsible. Earth Conscious. Visionary Art.

Greenerprinter in Berkeley, California reproduces my eco~friendly art using vegetable inks on sustainable materials - they receive the highest awards and certifications for environmentally responsible printing. The Cosmic Circles are Infinitely Re~Usable. There is no adhesive on the back. Instead they use surface energy to "cling" on windows, bottles, mirrors, guitars, any smooth surface. 
Easy to Use, Remove and Re-Use!! 

We create Our reality

The art is a journey to the higher realms of consciousness. Where ancient sacred symbols unite with the healing power of vibrant color. A primal language to honor the origins of every wild Being. In our Ancestral knowing, each one of us can be our unique selves. Seeing this rainbow prismatic medicine created from truth and love, opens a portal into the cosmos for present wholeness. The Cosmic Circles empower our imagination to activate this vision within ourselves, and then together with Gaia. We are humanKind, Sovereign Beings of Light, uniting for the enlightenment itself. One Heaven on Earth.

Collaboration: Sacred Self Sacred Source and Kara Rane